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50 Cent MP3 Music Download

Real name is Curtis Jackson. He is 26 now, and he already managed to become one of the most popular rappers. You can see his songs on the first places of different charts. He is a child of the street, attached his roots and principles. Among this 50 Cent is very intelligent and affable and tries not to come to blows on trifles.

50 Cent Curtis Jackson Biography

50 Cent is real man and talks about real things. He was born in famous dynasty that traded drugs. 50 Cent almost at once lost his familiar people. He was brought up without father, and his mother was found dead under strange circumstances when he wasn’t even teenager.

Because of that grandfather and grandmother educated him. His interests brought him to New York Avenue, now famous as Guy R. Brewer Blvd. There he began to make the first steps in composing rap. After Curtis’s son was born he decided to go with rap seriously. He signed agreement with JMJ that owns label Run DMC, DJ Jam, Master Jay and began to learn how to earn money on his music.

Soon he was noticed by Trackmasters. After 1999 50 Cent signed the contract with Columbia Records. He was closed in studio on two with a half weeks where he recorded 36 songs.

These compositions were included in his album “Power Of A Dollar” that wasn’t released. In April 2000 50 Cent was potted 9 times near the house of his grandma and grandpa in Queens. One of the 9mm bullets got in his face. As he cured to death Columbia Records left him. But 50 Cent wasn’t broken down. He began to record one track after another one for free with his friend Sha Money XL.

By the end of the spring 2001 50 Cent released new thing “Guess Who’s Back?”. He was noticed, the popularity began to grow. Eventually “50 Cent Is the Future” was recorded edited a little bit by Jay Z and Raphael Saadig.

With several hits 50 Cent can pretend on artist of the year title. Finally his first official album promises to repeat the fortune of his creator.

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