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The Beatles is a British rock band brought huge contribution in the development of rock music. The group not only changed it but reached unprecedented popularity. Thanks to that The Beatles became the most bright phenomenon of the world culture of the sixties years of the XXth century.

The roots of band go in the middle of 1950th years, era of rock-n-roll, that formed ideology and music tastes of the future group members. In spring of 1956 John Lennon (1940-1980) heard Elvis Presley’s song “Heartbreak Hotel” first time. This song, according to his words, meant the end of his previous life. Soon his schoolmates and he set up The Quarrymen group named in honor of their school.

The Beatles’ Biography

In summer of 1957 during one of The Quarrymen first concerts Lennon got acquainted with 15 year old Paul McCartney. Paul emmarveled John with knowledge of accords and words of the latest rock-n-roll songs. In summer of 1958 for episodic performance, and from autumn – constantly George Harrison (1943-2001), the friend of Paul, joined the group. That is to say these three ones became the main frame of the group.
Sometimes The Quarrymen plays on different parties, weddings, public events, but they didn’t have real concerts and records (but it’s true that in 1958 they recorded disc record with 2 songs because of curiosity).
In the end of 1959 Stuart Sutcliffe, painter beginner, joined the band. John Lennon, the founder of The Beatles, met Stuart at his art college. Sutcliffe’s play wasn’t noted distinction of great ingenuity. On repeated occasions that irritated hard-driving McCartney.

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Inspired by the example of Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran that not just singed but play on guitars and compose songs by themselves – it wasn’t usual practice in musical industry of that time – Lennon and McCartney began to create own songs. They decided to give dual authorship their creations by analogy with American authorial collectives such as Leiber & Stoller.

In such form The Beatles seemed almost staffed: John Lennon (vocal, rhythm guitar), Paul McCartney (vocal, piano, guitar), George Harrison (leader guitar), Stuart Sutcliff (bass guitar). But there was a problem – the lack of constant drummer that induced musicians to organize jocose contests inviting spectators on the scene as drummer. Soon they found their best tympanist and history of The Beatles began to develop.

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