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Chris Martin and Johnny Backland met in hostel of London college when they were students. At first they called their collective Pectoralz and then renamed it in Starfish when school friend Guy Berryman joined the group.

The trio began to appear at small local clubs and pubs, and in the beginning of 1998 Will Champion joined the team. Initially he intended to take place of drummer, but mastered with drums he also became guitarist, bassist and pianist of the group.

Biography of Coldplay group

Soon after Champion joining musicians took another name – Coldplay that was refused by another London team thought it was too depressive. In 1998 Coldplay recorded the first mini album Safety. It brought them the contact with Fierce Panda label.

When the artists were graduating the college they signed a contract with large studio Parlophone.
Coldplay’s single Bigger Stronger from mini album The Blue Room that was produced after taking part in Glastonbury festival turned British listeners’ attention to young team. But during recording of this song the musicians of Coldplay conflicted between each other very much that the group was nearly break-up.

In 2004 Coldplay didn’t go public very often because of the third album recording, the main topics of which became love search and saving relations. In May of the same year the important event happened in the life of Chris Martin – his wife, actress Gwinet Peltrow bore daughter Apple.

In June 2004 album X&Y was released. It became the most selling disc in the world of 2005. Disk record was remembered by public thanks to three shrill rock hits – Speed Of Sound, Fix You and Talk. After the third release rockers of Coldplay went in round trip Twisted Logic Tour.

Coldplay rock tracks download

The artists are also known as habitu?s of different beneficent festivals and active members of several social swims. In April of 2006 Chris Martin and Gwinet Peltrow became parents again – this time son Mozes was born. After tour through the South America Coldplay band entered upon recording new album named Viva La Vida.

The disc record was born in June of 2008. Chris Martin said that disc would differ stylistically from previous works. The soloist also added he had changed the manner of singing bowed out with habitual falsetto in favor of more low tone.

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