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Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers) was born in 1972, in St. Josephe in small Missouri town. When the child was six months his father deserted his family. All his childhood Marshall went from one place to another. Finally the family moved to Detroit. On the new place it was difficult for Marshall to adapt and they often changed schools.

Eminem Biography

In winter 1983 Marshall was beat up so brutally that he was in coma during ten days. The years sufferings made significant influence on all creative works of Eminem. At 13 years old Marshall began to compose and record his rap. In 1995 Eminem’s debut occurred as a member of Soul Intent.

Today it is almost impossible to find this disc as his print run was extremely small because of absence any sponsor in the band. In 1996 Eminem recorded album Infinite by his own. It wasn’t noticeable ‘cause there are lot of such music in Detroit. Notwithstanding next year Eminem released caustic and derisive mini album The Slim Shady LP named in honor of his “dark alter ego”. The disc interested even Dr. Dre.

Consequently Eminem signed the contract with label Aftermath Records owned by Dr. Dre. The Slim Shady, debut artist disc, bid defiance to society. Impregnated with the theme of violence and stuffed with obscene language the album was successful in commercial sense thanks to tracks like My Name Is and Guilty Conscience clips of which were constantly rotated on MTV. Eminem’s disc got on the third place of Billboard magazine hit parade, and infused Eminem began to work on his next album.

When his mother heard the songs of Eminem she became indignant. She sued on his son for fallacious expressions in her address that were in The Slim Shady album. She claimed 10 million dollars from rapper as compensation of moral damage.

The scandal didn’t influence anyhow on sales of the second Eminem album The Marshall Mathers debuted on the first place of American hit parade in May 2000. New disc, the same as previous one, drew discrepant reactions: one criticized rapper for too aggressive texts of songs, the others, inversely praised Eminem to the skies and proclaimed his the most outstanding white rapper.

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