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The musician and producer Quentin Leo Cook, more famous as Norman Cook and Fatboy Slim, was born in Broomley, Kent county, in 1963. He grew up in Reygate, Surrey county, England. There the youth gathered his first team – pank trio Peroxide and then became bassist (later – lead vocalist) in rock band Disque Attack.

Biography of Fatboy Slim

During study at college Cook began to develop his dj skills and at the age of eighteen years old moved to Brighton and rather fast succeeded in local clubs. In 1985 Cook became bassist at indi rock group The Housemartins.
The musicians gave birth to two hits – Happy Hour and cover on the song The Isley Brothers Caravan Of Love, but in 1988 the group broke up. Cook came back to Brighton to occupy dancing music – just then he met the engineer of sound recording Simon Tornton partnership with whom is still actual for Cook.

Soon artist organized the team Beats International the fist album of which contained hit Dub Be Good To Me. The second disc of the group Excursion On The Version didn’t repeat the success of the first disc record, and Cook put his efforts into new brainchild – Freakpower.

Under Mighty Dub Katz name Cook became one of the founders of dancing genre big bit – unusual combination of hip hop, rock and brakebeat and R&B. 1996 year became revolving in musician’s career – album Better Living Trough Chemistry recorded by him under pseudonym Fatboy Slim made Cook a star almost at once. The second album You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby was released in 1998.

In 2002 on Brighton Fatboy Slim gave a concert during which two men died. Though Cook was acquitted he was denied to appear public in the city. In 2003 Fatboy Slim tore awat with his wife, but the couple reunited in 3 months after scandalous breach.

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Nonetheless parting with his consort made significant influence on his emotional charge of the next disc record Palookaville with dancing hits Slash Dot Dash and The Joker. This record also differed from previous works thanks to using usual musician instruments and big number of vocalists.

In June 2006 collection of the best tracks The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder was released. Two new composition were also included – Champion Sound and That Old Pair Of Jeans. That year Cook newly got right to appear public in Brighton – but he didn’t forget about other festivals as well.

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