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Nelly Furtado took part in her first serious show in 2001 when she was 20. Nelly grew uo in Canada in country town Victoria that was set up by one of the first Canadian colonist. Nelly’s parents were native of Portugal, working class. When Nelly were just making her first steps her miscellaneous interests and love to music destined her future.

Nelly Furtado’s Biography

Nelly is fond of different things and has time to do a lot of activities: she plays on several music instruments (guitar, Hawaiian guitar, trombone) and sings on several languages (English, Portuguese and Hindi). Her debut album shows that one more dream came true. The album “Whoa, Nelly!” released in September of 2000 on DreamWorks Records, demonstrates unique sound cocktail made by Nelly.

All started in Toronto on the young talents giveaway where she met her future manager that worked on super popular Canadian production of “The Philosopher Kings”. Right away after finishing their work on “Kings” Gerald Eaton and Brian West began to produce demo records of Nelly. The result followed immediately, but all-sufficient girl had her own plans: first to go to Europe, and then came back home – to study creative fundamentals.

In March of 2001 Nelly became the main winner of the ceremony Juno Awards. Young singer received 4 of 5 awards including awards “Best Author”, “Discovery of the Year” and “Best Song” for “I’m Like A Bird”. Next month Nelly Furtado took two awards of Canadian Radio Music Awards in nomenclature “Discovery of the Year” and “Best Singer”. In summer she singed her songs on Jorge Sampaio rout – Portuguese president. In 2002 Nelly is recorded on new album Power In Numbers of Jurassic 5 and prepared her second album for release.
In autumn 2003 Nelly bore daughter named Nevis, and in November of the same year new album “Folklore” appeared. The name of her album was explained by Nelly in the next way: “In my opinion, folklore is something magic, mysterious. Some faith in own roots. Each human has own folklore – obscure or playful.”

Nelly Furtado mp3 music, songs and tracks download

The album “Loose” signalized the next change of music style – on this disc Nelly’s music became more sexual and windup. Such titans of pop music like producer Timbaland and Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay, were sweating on the disk record. Timbaland produced the most part of tracks on the disc, and Chris wrote for Nelly final ballad “All Good Things (Come to an End)”. New disc was met by critics extremely warmly.

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