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Linkin Park is an American rock band from Los Angeles playing alternative rock. It was founded in 1996 by two classmates Mike Shinoda and Brad Dalson. The first name of the group was Xero.

Linkin Park Life Path

In spite of limited resources guys began to record several songs in the bedroom of Shinoda that became the first group studio. After several refusals of the most labels from a contract with young musicians the fist vocalist Mark Wakefield decided to find more promising collective.

It was hard task to find substitution for vocalist. The place near microphone was taken by Chester Bennington. His unique voice imposed upon the group very much. After Chester agreed to join the team, its name became Hybrid Theory.

But the problems with another band appeared that also had such name and blamed them in plagiarism. That’s why the decision was to take Linkin Park variant.

In 1999 the band managed to get the contract with Warner Bros. Records. Next year Linkin Park released debut album Hybrid Theory contained material collected during many years. The album became successful, it was sold with 4 millions 800 thousands copies during the first year and took Grammy award as the best rock album of the year.

The album contained such songs as Crawling, One Step Closer and In the End taken top places in different hit parades. The clip In the End beamed on MTV got the reward as the best video clip of the year. This release remained the most successful in the discography of Linkin Park. Currently more than 10 millions copies were sold.

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In 2001 the group effected the tour in the United States of America continually acting with famous rappers. Linkin Park also took part in Ozzfest festival. All told the collective played 320 concerts and released DVD Frat Party at the Pankake Festival. Soon the group recorded the album of remixes Reanimation.

In 2003 the second album was released under the name Meteora that leaded the chart of Billboard magazine. Video clips on songs Somewhere I Belong, Breaking the Habit and Numb were beaming on MTV and took the first places in hit parades. The album took the range of rewards: MTV awards for the best video (Somewhere I Belong) and Radio Music Awards for the best song (Numb). On this song and on the composition Lying from You, One Step Closer and Faint the successful remixes were made. Jay-Z was taking part in that job.

Linkin Park is really noteworthy rock band that brought a good set of new alternative rock songs and music.

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