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Madonna Luisa Chiccone, changed her surname on Chiccone Richi in 2000, was born in Bay City in large family of Italian emigrant and American woman with French and Canadian origin. Madonna’s mother died in 1963 and her father got married again. This matrimony brought him two more children. The total number of children was 8 ones.

Madonna Luisa Chiccone’s Biography

In such circumstances future stars’ childhood took course. She grew up in suburban Detroit. However the girl went to ballet school, got excellent marks and was a member of local team of cheer leaders. When Luisa finished senior school Madonna entered dance branch of Michigan University, but dropped her education in 1977. The reason of such temerarious step was the desire to become ballerina. First time in her life Madonna boarded on aircraft and flied to New York that met maiden more than coolly.

She had to work as model and waitress in caf? to pay for all that she needed. With Patrick Hernandez’s show Madonna came to Paris where got acquainted with musician Dan Gilroy.

This acquaintance was vital one for future career of Luisa. The pair organized Breakfast Club group where Madonna began to sing. From there in 1980 artiste ran to collective named Emmy records of which were landed in hands of producer and dj Mike Caminse. And in 1982 label Sire Records began to work with the future star. The rest is already a legend.

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The first album of Madonna was out of print with huge run. That made her cult-figure of youth. Foot-gear in big net, colorless hair, bright face-painting – all that created sexy image of Madonna – simultaneously came into vogue of that years.

In 2005 Madonna reminded everybody about her hits with disk Confessions On The Dance Floor that brought her Grammy. In 2006 attention of society was attracted by Madonna childship of Malawi boy David Band. In 2007 she released live record of The Confessions Tour that became breathtaking reportage about sensational cognominal tour.

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