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In the beginning of 1981 drummer Lars Ulrich posted announcement in The Recycler newspaper about gathering his metallic group. He applied vocalist and rhythm-guitarist James Hatfield answered on classified. Earlier James was playing in Leather Charm. And they decided to continue to search for new members together. They complemented their band with guitarist Dave Mustaine brought professional equipment and bassist Ron McGovney.

Metallica Band Biography

In 1982 the first single of Metallica Hit The Light was included into Metal Massacre I album, and musicians got the first portion of attention to themselves. This year in autumn Hatfield and Ulrich were impressed so much by the fingering of bassist Cliff Burton of Traum band that they invited him to their group.

After long thoughts Burton agreed to join Metallica on conditions that group would move to San Francisco. Artists said goodby to McGovney and moved about. But frictions occurred because of aggressive behavior of Mustaine, called by his overindulgence of alcohol and drugs. He was replaced by ex lead guitarist Kirk Hammett from Exodus. Later Mustaine set up trash band Megadeth that also reached good results.

In 1983 Kill’em All, aggressive debut, was released that created magnific army of fans. And in 1984 the disc Ride The Lightning followed with cognominal lead single as well as powerful trash composition For Whom The Bell Tolls. The album support tour was very successful, and in 1986 one of the legendary band disc record was released called Master Of Puppets.

Metallica went to round trip through USA with Ozzy Osbourne. During their tour the tragedy happened – their bus was canted and crashed and Burton was perished. With benediction of Burton family the musicians took bassist Jason Newsted into the band and finished their tour notwithstanding newly broken Hatfield wrist – the replacement for rhythm guitar was taken.

In 1988 …And Justice For all disc record was released that was queerly obscure. As example can be considered trash melody One. The next disc of the group – Metallica (Black Album) – was converge three times and cost to artists millions of dollars.

This successful Metallica album received lighter sound comparing to the earlier releases and was remembered by fans thanks to such hits as Nothing Else Mathers, Sad But True, The Unforgiven and Enter Sand.

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