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Rapper Nelly needed just two years to become from regular energetic debutant to sensation of American rap that didn’t suffer from lack of new bands and artist in hip hop area.

In the end of 90th growing army of rappers began to push backward even traditional favorites of American audience – exponents of rock and country. Nelly appeared in time and heeled that helped him to take the top places of most charts and sell out 2 first albums with 14 million circulations.

Today his announce made in the beginning of his career didn’t seem provoking: “Nobody sounds like me. I have created absolutely unique music style. I read blues. I like to call my music as jazz form of hip hop.”

Nelly’s Biography

Cornell Haynes, Jr, that will become just Nelly in the future, was born on the 2nd of November 1978 in Saint Louis, Texas. His childhood was almost ordinary for blacky boy that lived in deaf Negro city districts among wastelands and boarded up houses.

The basic life information, especially about the most homely its sides, gave the street where it is possible freely to get weapon and taste any drugs. Cornell usually cleared up his attitudes with neighborhood boys, changed schools and wandered from one relatives to another ones – parents tried all methods to call off him from street adventures.

But Saint Louis is not big city and rather provincial. Everybody knows each other and it is impossible to hide anywhere. When he was 14 he moved to another place and got into another environment.

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After parents divorce his mother and Nelly settled down in the university town in suburb of Saint Louis where Cornell began to play baseball. He was advised to start professional baseball career. He also began to write verses and interested art of rap. Records of such heroes of hip hop scene as Rakim, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Outkast, Goodie Mob and Jay Z deprived him the last doubts concerning his life goals and purposes.

Among his school friends he found faithful friends and soul mates. In 1996 Nelly set up the first band St. Lunatics. The central figure of St. Lunatics was Kyjuan, the beginner specialist of rhymed tongue twister. After that Nelly’s music career began to develop very fast.

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