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The words “rap” and “hip hop” are often replaceable definitions. “Hip hop” means the music rhythm, and “rap” – talking unison music.

Rap has three classifications:

  1. fast rap – one rapper is talking to another one
  2. true-life or hardcore rap – often contains slang
  3. commercial rap – hip hop and dancing rap

Appeared in New York in the end of 70s rap became one of the form of popular music that consist of phrase pronunciation and reading text on rhythmic music ground. The words and rhythm are the basis of rap. One or several vocalists tell the story and disc jockey provides rhythm with help of drum machine or scratches.

Nowadays the rap texts are concentrated on the modern Afro American life experience. And music, but not all, is oriented on Afro American youth. Any event inside black community can be described in rap songs.
Top rap melodies cover such themes as sex, gender relationships, racism and crimes. But, as some rappers declared, their goals differ from the aims of rhythm and blues. As they said: “We don’t talk about various bosh like love and most probably are trying to teach listeners smth”.

Of course, in addition to entertainment aspect, rap music plays significant role in informal education of teenagers that go exteriorly classrooms and are being formed in surroundings of street life.
Rap can be put down or vice versa cried up as music product, but nobody can ignore it as dominating mean of self-expression in modern adolescent culture. In particular, for youth rap serves as the way of opening their personality, cohesion, and emotional support.

Rap Nowadays

Today undoubtedly rap music enjoys popularity, but its reputation is not always positive. Using slang by some rappers, phrases with sexual implication and corresponding images on their album covers and clips entailed negative attitude to rap from custodians of public morals.

The question about indecency and freedom of speech was mooted as reaction on some rap singers records such as 2 Life Crew, Ice Tea, NWA, Slick Rick and Ice Cube.

Debates about infringement of a copyright and problems with record distribution created additional barriers on the way of rap development.

Nevertheless some rap signers and rap bands could blossom forth and acknowledgement on rap arena.

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