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Robin Rihanna Fenty, famous as model and singer Rihanna, was born in Saint Michael on Barbados Island. Rihanna is the eldest child in the family. She has two junior brothers. Rihanna demonstrated her talent from tender age. If she lives on some continent she would become famous much earlier.

Rihanna Fenty Biography

But Barbados, in spite of its popular resort, is separated from the firm land by ocean. When Rihanna was 15 she was introduced to Evan Rodger who used to work with N’Sync, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson. And famous producer understood that Rihanna was discovery and invited her to New York.

Rodger helped Rihanna to create several demo records and send them to record companies. One of the versions was received by the head of Def Jam Shawn Carter, more famous as Jay Z.

He invited Robin Rihanna Fenty on audition. The events began to develop impetuously. And after exhibitive playback Rihanna signed the contract with this label. In summer 2005 she released her first single – dancing Pon De Replay.

First disc of Rihanna

Combining Caribbean bit with pop music, the song became the hit very fastly, made room for We Belong Together of Mariah Carey in USA. Hereupon debut Rihanna disc Music Of The Sun was released. After such strong and confident debut two great offers were made at once – to advertise trademarks Nike and J. C. Penney. Rihanna accepted this propositions.

After that for the further album promotion singer took part on warming on Gwen Stefani concert during her music tour. And in 2006 the disc A Girl Like Me showed how Rihanna managed to fledge. Conclusively Rihanna decided to live and move to the United States of America.

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